domingo, 14 de novembro de 2010

Once Upon a Time

There was a time, a long time ago, when people sang together, the wind blew tenderly and the trees were dancing with the sky. There was happiness in children's eyes.

The fairies used to build castles with leaves, between the stones that were kissed by the singing river with sparkling water. There was a blue bird in a tree waiting for the time to fly, singing sweet notes of love, embracing life. The whole world was in peace!

One day, the little caterpillar stepped out from a beautiful flower, took a deep breath, trying to inhale all the air around, but... she looked so sad... She had to say goodbye to all of the wonders she had ever known... Or, so she thought... While climbing a tree, her crying eyes dropped a tear, already missing all the wonderful images that her memories could keep.

It was going to be a cold, but sunny, day! And she had to go... And so she did... By the early hours in the morning, when the first glimpse of sun appeared on the horizon, she was building her cocoon. That is what they told her to do, she didn't know why, although, deeply, she knew that this was her destiny...

But the magic was about to come!

When the moonlight covered the land with dreaming misteries and two cats began their journey through the woods, the litlle caterpillar was already warm and gently involved in her soft and shinny new home. Slowly, it started to happen! And no one will ever know the marvelous ways things were happening inside! So, we will only call it magic! And it was!

A few days later, by the time the brown owl went to sleep and the beautiful blue bird was preparing his first notes of the day, the once caterpillar was about to embrace life again! No one had seem to notice...

Suddenly, a little hole could be seen in the perfect matted of strings that kept her safe through the days and nights, carefully placed in a hollow of a centenary tree. It was such a beautiful moment! There is even a rumor that if we could get close enough to the cocoon, we could ear a choir of angels singing words of joy, going along with the sweet sound of a gently played harp...

A little fairy stopped by. Curious, she stayed there to see what kind of being was doing such a lovely thing to see. And she waited... Carefully and piece by piece, a beautiful butterfly was appearing in front of that fairy's eyes. She could not believe in such beauty... Slowly, the young butterfly started to spread her amazing wings! The little caterpillar was back, returning to the world that she thought she would never see again... And she was so perfect! Detailed and colorful elements were all over her new and delicate wings. The fairy just stayed there... Amazed by such a miracle of nature! How could this world get better? But it could! And it did!

The graceful butterfly was no longer concerned to the place she had ever known and thought it was so beautiful... She could fly!! The pretty fairy approached and taught her how to use those stupendous wings. And so she did!

From that day on, the world became larger and even more magical. It is said that every child that is touched by a butterfly becomes pure and capable of touching every people's hearts, warming and calming them with a simple smile... And, yes! The world gets even better!

Tomar, Torres Novas, Mação
03 a 14.Novembro.10

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  1. Uau...Está tão lindo :) E já tenho imagens na cabeça!

  2. Qualsiasi linguaggio per comunicare sarà sempre ... La nostra linea va ben oltre ciò che la terra e il cielo sa ... Amicizia felici come noi divertimnos nei boschi con nebbie magico al tramonto ... Anche nella luce crepuscolare della tenerezza tra di noi ... per sempre ...

    Sconosciuto trasparente

  3. It's all one big open eyes, thats what it is!

    unknown colorless

  4. Les scènes sont toutes les scènes ... au cours des hivers de la vie ... accroupi dans les buissons elfes dormir en paix et rêve sans lendemain...

    inconnus invisible